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“Long term vision with an entrepreneurial spirit to enable comfortable and affordable housing for our residents; rewarding employment for our employees as well as rewarding real estate values for our investors.” 

Quite simply, Apartment Management is a process of “Day to Day Operations”. It is the active interest in the “Day to Day” functions that make the greatest impact.   It happens on site, not in a corporate office. Residents today do not want fluff, they want service.  Effective, fast service with a smile! 

We offer expertise in our demographics and geographical locations. 

Each supervisor is required to touch his or her property at least 1 time per week.  All supervisors live within approximately 1 hour driving distance to their respective properties. Area Supervisors are limited to less than 1,000 units in order to maintain a hands-on approach. The on-site managers as well as maintenance supervisors live on the property when possible.  In addition we seek out management from the neighborhoods in which the property is located, this allows us to have local expertise in the marketplace. 


CANFLOR Real Estate and Asset Management, INC (C.R.E.A.M.) is a Florida based corporation headquartered in Sanford, Florida.  It currently is comprised of 7 apartment and condominium communities located in Florida totaling more than 800 units.

CANFLOR, INC is a family owned and operated business with a combined 60 years of experience in all facets of Real-Estate, specializing in property management. CANFLOR employs veterans (Vice-President) of the United States Military and is proud to support our military and its veterans.

CANFLOR maintains competitive market prices, while working toward expanding their management scope. 

CANFLOR Real Estate and Asset Management is dedicated to providing superior property management services at every level of the organization. The expectations set for the company are standards others follow. Each employee is committed to conducting daily business in a manner reflecting these high standards and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We pledge at all times to be a company of superior quality, flawless integrity and strong loyalty to our clients, our vendors and our employees.


CANFLOR Real Estate Asset Management is dedicated to providing superior property management services at every level of our organization. Read More

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