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THE “REVIEWS" are in…

“I like living here” – Apt. 04 Kensington Cottages Orlando Florida

“I’ve lived here for a year and I enjoy it.  The maintenance and management are very helpful.  I have recommended Kensington Cottages to my friends and they have all moved in.” – Apt. 07 Kensington Cottages Orlando Florida

“I have been a long term resident for 8 years.  The manager has been helpful even during the bad times when I lost my job.  She pointed me in the right directions to get assistance to get back on my feet.  THANK YOU!" – Apt. 08 Kensington Cottages Orlando Florida


“I am a returnee who lived here back in 2007.  The manager told me I would be back.  AND she is absolutely right.  Came back in February 2009 knowing the rent is still affordable, love the peacefulness.”  - Apt. 1007K Heatherwood Apartments Kissimmee Florida

“I moved in July of 2009.  I love the single-story living, my private entrance and I like the neighbors.  It is conveniently located to stores, restaurants and other local businesses.  I am glad I chose this apartment community.” – Apt. 1107D Heatherwood Apartments Kissimmee Florida

“I’ve been here since 1999 and Heatherwood Apartments has become my home!” – Apt. 1011A Heatherwood Apartments Kissimmee Florida

“This is my 2nd time back to Heatherwood Apartments.  I should never have left.  Rent is affordable, it is a quiet community.  I AM GLAD TO BE BACK HOME AGAIN!!!” – Apt. 1001H Heatherwood Apartments Kissimmee Florida

“I relocated thinking the rent would be better, well here I am again!  I love the location, the friendly staff and it is a comfortable place to live.” – Apt. 1107A Heatherwood Apartments Kissimmee Florida

“I am a newcomer.  I’ve met nice neighbors and I have also referred a new neighbor.  It is affordable and best of all single-story living!  I can walk to stores, restaurants and other local businesses.  That’s great because I can save on gas!” – Apt. 1105D Heatherwood Apartments Kissimmee Florida


“When I call the office with a request for maintenance, pest control, etc. it is handled in a timely manner.”  – Apt. 40 Stonecove Apartments St. Augustine Florida

“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy living here.” Nice place to call home.  They care.”  – Apt. 39 Stonecove Apartments St. Augustine Florida

“I have been a resident at Stonecove for 11 years now.  They are very professional and have responded as quickly as possible to any work orders. A super team and truly care about their residents.” – Apt. 14 Stonecove Apartments

“It's nice to call our community home with good neighbors and friends who care, including the personnel who live and work here.” – Apt. 43 Stonecove Apartments St. Augustine Florida

“I’ve been a resident for the last 5 years.  I’d like to commend the management for providing excellent service.  I’ve been more than satisfied with the services I received here.” – Apt. 28 Stonecove Apartments St. Augustine Florida

“Pelican Pointe is the place to live on the North side!” – Apt. 1803 Pelican Pointe Apartments Jacksonville Florida

“I am happy living at Pelican Pointe and I feel good about signing a new lease.” – Apt. 1601 Pelican Pointe Apartments Jacksonville Florida

“Everybody is real nice and people help each other.” – Apt. 801 Pelican Pointe Apartments Jacksonville Florida

“I love my spacious and affordable apartment.” – Apt. 1008 Pelican Pointe Apartments Jacksonville Florida

“Excellent customer service with maintenance issues.” – Apt. 306 Pelican Pointe Apartments Jacksonville Florida

“I came back.  Rented in 2007 to 2008.  Decided to come back due to the great staff.”  – Apt. 1101C Heather



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